Polyphonic Playground

Using the archetypal elements of a playground, this interactive installation encourages adults to re-discover the experience of play.

Building on the overwhelming positive international response of the original Polyphonic Playground, we teamed up with Studio Wayne McGregor, one of the worlds most exciting and influential contemporary dance companies. The result of the two week long period of experimentation was Thigmo, a subtle dance duet choreographed by Eleesha Drennan. This experimental collaboration, bringing dance to the Playground for the very first time, lead to a stunning result, using every centimetre of the structure in this elegant performance.

The opportunity to work with Studio Wayne McGregor not only allowed us to explore new physical boundaries of the Playground, but also gave us the chance to make a number of massive upgrades! For this version, we opted to replace the previous Bare Conductive sensor strips with custom designed and build circuit boards (PCBs). These new PCBs maintained a similar aesthetic to the original paper sensors, but added a lot more functionality. Each rung now had eight touch sensors along its length, all of which having a much wider range of sensitivity.

The other major visible upgrade is the addition of lighting on each rung. A smooth ripple of light now emanating from each point which is touched - this provides added visual feedback for the users, as well as producing a visually stunning experience for the audience.

Previous versions of the Polyphoinc Playground can be seen here.

Key Performance Indicators:

Featured in key media platforms including Disegno Daily, and the Wallpaper* homepage.

Estimated online audience reach of 8 million

Commissioned by:

Fashion Space Gallery (London College of Fashion, University of the Arts)

Image Credits:

Carlos Jimenez & Katy Davies

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