RCA Service Design Degree Show

We helped the Service Design department at the Royal College of Art develop a communicate complex ideas for their final year show.

We helped the Service Design Department and students communicate their work to over 60,000 public and industry guests, during the 2015 Royal College of Art Degree Show. As part of this project, we worked closely with students and teaching staff to develop interesting ways to present the work, created a strong colour and material palette, and created the graphic and spacial designs for the show.

The Service Design course produces a wide spectrum of outcomes, from students with wide ranging backgrounds. One of the challenges of this project was finding the most appropriate ways to communicate the services being developed by the students. Being mostly intangible, we conducted a number of workshops to discuss potential methods to tell the stories of these services in an engaging way. We were all keen to explore how you can use a mix of physical and digital assets to talk about 'service'.

The context of presenting such complex work in a degree show was also something we made sure to consider. We focused on a layered hierarchy of information delivery - communicating the essence of each project, but allowing visitors to delve into the detail if desired.

Building on the successful Work In Progress exhibition design and identity we also did, we chose to extrapolate the colour and material palette used. Keeping with the strong deep orange as a highlight colour used in theWIP show, we maintained a visual consistency, and strong identity for Service Design. The orange provided a prominent 'call to action' and was paired with natural pine and black MDF to contrast, creating a balanced but strong set of materials and colours.

Bringing elements of plant life into the space injected aesthetic contrast to the space. White ink digital printing was employed for use on the exhibit captions on a heavy black stock. The department required a space to hold presentations and which would accommodate more relaxed, casual engagements, so we created a large acrylic walkway which could achieve both. Rather than obscure the work, this created a pull for visitors, and helped define the Service Design space.

To help spread the word about the show, we designed two invites (print and digital) for the staff and students.

What Happened:

We helped RCA Service Design reach 60,000 people during the RCA 2015 Degree Show.

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