Tea Machines

The Tea Machines are contraptions to aid the process of time wasting. “Wasting time is doing the simple things the most complicated way.” – Dr. Nagy

We have become slaves to time. “Wasting time” is looked upon as being detrimental, lazy, uneconomical. But wasting time for one person, is thought provoking or inspirational for another. It can be in these moments of tranquillity that our clearest and most profound thoughts occur. “Wasting time” is actually good for us, and contrary to popular belief, can actually improve productivity at work.

How can we re-establish the joy of “wasting time”, and delight in the repetitive acts,such as tea making, we perform unnoticed each day?

This range of products acutely analyses the simple, everyday, mundane process of making a cup of tea, and its repetitive nature. They give permission to the user to enjoy wasting time by elaborately making a spectacle out of this normally overlooked time wasting device.

From dunking the tea bag, pouring the milk, and adding the sugar lump, they create a space for you to joyfully embrace wasting time in a new way.

These three devices take the simple, everyday procrastination tool of making tea, and turn it into an elaborate performance. The act of using the Tea Machines is in itself very gratifying, and may even be more enjoyable than the resulting cup of tea. The objects, highly impractical, question what it means to “waste time”, and attempt to change how it is currently viewed in today?s society.

According to Dr. Nagy, a leading psychologist and the Dundee University Student Support Officer, stress is a huge health and motivational factor.

Idle time is a necessity many people overlook or are reprimanded for. Maybe we should embrace the simple things we do to waste time, and revel in our idle moments.


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