Sony Life Space UX

We helped Sony build an entire world in a single room.

The Sony Life Space UX product range use wireless projection and sound to create immersive storytelling experiences in any sized room. We created a series of animations and visuals for Takram London to showcase the potential of the Life Space UX range to key social influencers and buyers.

With three new iconic products (4K Ultra Short Throw projector, Portable Ultra Short Throw projector and wireless Glass Sound Speaker) Takram asked us to create an identity and visual content that went beyond looking at the objects, and focused on the experiences they created.

Their concept was to transform a gallery space in East London into the home of a fictional Sci-Fi writer. As guests moved around the set, elements of the environment were brought to life by the Life Space UX products. For this, we created a number of animated objects and costumes which were subtly projected onto the surroundings.

Key Performance Indicators:

Featured on Dezeen


Design, Technology and Direction: Takram London

Sound Design: Ben Williams

Photography: Takram London

Video Credits:


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